A simple guide to change your diet and improve your health. This isn’t a yo-yo diet, counting calories or anything of the sort. It’s a practical guide to teach and prepare you to eat the way humans are meant to eat. When we eat real, whole foods some amazing things can happen to your body and mind. Whether you want to feel better, have more energy, slow down aging, lose weight or reduce inflammation, this eBook is for you. This guide will give you the tools and knowledge you need to change the way you eat for the rest of your life.

This eBook includes:

  • Fundamentals of Healthy Eating
  • Controversial nutrition topics explained
  • List of Foods & Ingredients to Avoid
  • Grocery List broken down into all food categories
  • Cooking tips and lessons for each food category
  • 3 Breakfast recipes
  • 3 Lunch recipes
  • 3 Dinner recipes
  • 3 Dessert recipes
  • Grocery and Product Discounts

This eBook will give you an in-depth yet simple understanding of how food impacts your body. You’ll learn the difference between nutrients and how they effect your health, as well as clarifications of the common misconceptions and confused topics in nutrition. We then give you a full list of ingredients and foods that you should never consume as well as a breakdown of food categories and specific foods within them that should be a staple in your grocery list. This will take all the confusion out of grocery shopping!

Now that your kitchen is stocked with the right kinds of food, how do you put it all together? We’ve got you covered! We break down each food category and explain the do’s and don’ts for cooking as well how to build a healthy plate of food and determine suitable servings for each food category. We cap it off with 12 different foundational recipes that will set you up to intuitively cook without the need for recipes!

As a final thank you, we’ll also give you our list of recommended suppliers for groceries and health products along with a nice HealthSimple discount to go with it!

We get it, nutrition can be confusing. After reading this eBook however, it won’t be!