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ButcherBox: High Quality Meat Delivery Service
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We’ve searched and interviewed meat delivery companies to find the best service out there to help you find grass-fed, pasture raised, organic meats and wild fish.. at a reasonable price! ButcherBox and are our favourite options, and we managed to get the HealthSimple community an even better price.


FarmBox Direct: Organic Produce Delivery Service
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Our mission is to bring you and your family healthy organic & natural produce, and to support local farmers and communities. This mission is shared with our partner Farmbox Direct who delivers organic fruits and veggies right to your door!


Dry Farm Wines: Organic Wine
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Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small family farms that meet strict standards of health. Unlike today’s commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Naturally grown, naturally made. Dry Farm Wines lab tests every wine to ensure they are pure. That means these wines are quantifiably clean, and friendly to every diet, including Paleo, Low-Carb, and Ketogenic.


Oura Ring: The Most Sophisticated Sleep and Recovery Tracking Device
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Oura ring has designed a stylish smart ring that tracks your body’s output, 24/7. It helps you better understand your body and reach your goals. You’ll be guided through an intelligent, data-driven plan to help you improve across the most important aspects of your well-being.


Scoria World: All-Natural, Anti-Microbial Cork Yoga Mat!
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These are the by far the best Yoga mats I’ve ever come across! They are made from cork, so they are all-natural, chemical free, naturally anti-microbial and grip better than any other mat! For every mat purchased Scoria also feeds 10 children in need. Absolute amazing company all around.