Author of the #1 bestselling book, “I Hate Yoga – And Why You’ll Hate To Love It Too.”, Paul McQuillan shares his journey into Yoga. Paul discusses how it’s more than just stretching as it offers healing, energy and the mind-body connection. We dive into the history of Yoga as well as the different types available. Wondering if Yoga is right for you? Paul, who teaches Bikram Hot Yoga and is the owner of BeHot Yoga in Toronto, shares his thoughts about newbies using mobile apps or videos on YouTube to start Yoga. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or have never stepped on a yoga matt, you’ll enjoy this interesting and thought provoking discussion with the always positive and enjoyable Paul McQuillan.


Paul’s Bio: 

Paul is currently the owner/director of BeHot Yoga Toronto located in downtown Toronto. He is also the author of the bestselling book, “I Hate Yoga – And Why You’ll Hate To Love It Too.” As a professional actor/singer, Paul has performed in almost every major city in North America, including Broadway, and has twice been nominated for the prestigious Dora Mavor Moore award as “Best Actor in a Musical.” His album is entitled “Croonin’ Blue” – featured on CBC radio, itunes, and Spotify.

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