This episode will teach you more about wine than you ever thought you could know. We often think we’re buying bottles of wine at the grocery store that are natural, from a local farm in a small town, but is this really true? We hear that wine is associated with greater lifespan, but does the science really support that? In the episode, Todd white, Bio-Hacker, and Founder of Dry Farm Wines provides insight into the wine industry and what they’re not telling you. Turns out most commercial wines from the store are not what you think and even when you buy expensive wines it’s all for nothing. Todd also shares how to choose the best type of wines whether you’re at a restaurant or in a store and how to get the best health benefits from your wine. Enjoy this mind-blowing episode on HealthSimple Radio!

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Today, after 15 years in the wine business his life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition, and how they think about consuming alcohol. He is the founder of Dry Farm Wines; a writer, speaker, and a leading authority on healthy organic/natural wines and the importance of micro-dosing alcohol for health, longevity, and vitality. Todd’s passion is unlocking the best way to enjoy alcohol, how to enjoy the benefits of moderate consumption while avoiding the negative outcomes. Dry Farm Wines: Dry Farm Wines is the only lab tested, all natural health quantified wine merchant in the world that bio-hacks wine; quantifying organic and natural farming practices, as well as low intervention natural winemaking practices. Dry Farm Wines curates all natural pure real wines from all over the world, working with small family farms that are committed to producing pure natural wines. Dry Farm Wines is also proud to be the largest natural wine merchant in the world, supporting small family organic farms all over the world.