You’ve probably heard someone at work or a friend say that they are going on a ketogenic diet or “doing keto” and you most likely nodded and thought it was some sort of strange workout. So, what exactly is it?

Ketogenics is a fat fuelled, carb restricted diet that places an emphasis on healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, etc.) and significantly limits sugar and carbohydrates (rice, potatoes).

Why Is It Called Ketogenic?

When you decrease your carbohydrate intake and increase your fat intake, your body switches over and begins to use fat for energy rather than glucose. Stored body fat as well as dietary fat are then broken down in the liver for energy which produces ketones. These then replace glucose and become our body’s primary fuel (which the body prefers), thus resulting in a state of ketosis — the natural process the body starts that helps us to survive when our food intake is low.

What are the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet?

  •   Weight Loss (When your primary fuel source is fat, you begin to become a fat burning machine)
  •   Reduced Cravings and Appetite (You will feel fuller for longer and say goodbye to those sugar and carb cravings)
  •   Improved Mood (Since you won’t be suffering from a glucose crash, you won’t be the irritable person people want to avoid around 2 p.m.)
  •   Clearer Thoughts (You’ll notice your brain becomes sharper and more productive)
    *Other benefits include: Reduction in gas and bloating, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, increased sex drive

If you want more information on the Ketogenic Diet, listen to The HealthSimple Show Podcast Episode on Ketogenic Diets

How Do I Start a Ketogenic Diet?

Here’s the thing: Keto is lifestyle, not just a diet. Although you can switch over to Keto and lose weight in a short period, as soon as you switch back to burning glucose by eating carbohydrates and refined sugars the weight will come back.

If you decide you want to make a change, do the research! Buy a few books that explain the science behind it, have meal plans and the answers to all your questions before you decide to completely empty your fridge. — ask HealthSimple

A Few Recommendations For Keto:

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