We live in a highly competitive, fast-paced and social world. It makes sense then that most of us, in some way or another, deal with stress on a daily basis. Some stress can be good for you, but too much can be extremely harmful and toxic to the human body. Understanding stress and how to manage it is so important. Dr. Laura Belus, Naturopathic Doctor, shares what’s actually happening to our body when we get stressed and compares the difference between acute and chronic stress. We discuss various ways to manage stress through food, supplements and other stress management techniques. Some foods you eat or supplements you take make actually contribute to stress, so we’ll cover that on this episode too. If stress is something you deal with then this episode is the perfect one for you. Don’t let stress take over your life, learn how to manage it so you can continue to be the best you possible.

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Dr. Laura Belus:

Dr. Laura Belus is a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing in the Greater Toronto area.  In her early adult years her recurrent migraines and acne led her to natural medicine for relief. In her clinical practice she focuses on detoxification and hormone balance for weight loss, stress management, greater energy and better digestion.  She believes in making simple, yet powerful, changes to diet & lifestyle habits that create lasting results.

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