We’ve all been guilty of it, buying regular fruits and veggies because the organic equivalents are too expensive. But consider this — pesticides that are used on our produce can accumulate in our bodies over time (often stored in our fatty tissue) and can become carcinogenic.

Studies have also found a correlation between pesticides and the below health conditions:

  •   Cancers
  •   Neurological disorders
  •   Birth defects + infertility

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) annually creates a “Shopper’s Guide” to what it dubs the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”. You can visit www.ewg.org to see the lists in their entirety.

ALWAYS Buy These Vegetables Organic

  1.   Celery
  2.   Spinach
  3.   Tomatoes
  4.   Bell Peppers
  5.   Cherry Tomatoes
  6.   Cucumbers
  7.   Kale
  8.   Collard Greens
  9.   Other Leafy Greens
  10.   Hot Peppers

Vegetables You Can Buy Non-Organic

If your options are limited, these are the veggies that are ok to let slide:

  •   Cabbage
  •   Cauliflower
  •   Onions
  •   Asparagus
  •   Eggplant
  •   Frozen Sweet Peas

Most grocery stores have an organic section or you can visit a health food store that will sell all organic produce. Yes, organic produce can be expensive but weighed against the repercussions of ingesting pesticides, it well worth investing in your health. My suggestion is to take a Saturday and check out different farmers markets, health food stores and grocery stores to source the cheapes, high-quality organic products from each. Often times you can find some pretty good prices if you look hard enough!