Wear sunglasses, cover up when you go outside, put on sunblock.. do you do these often thinking it’s good for your health? This episode is going to challenge many of the common beliefs surrounding the sun. You’ll learn how crucial the sun is to your overall well being, as it acts as a fuel to your cells. Sunlight controls your circadian rhythm and hormone production. But most of all sunlight optimizes the function of your mitochondria, the energy drivers of every cell in your body. Healthy mitochondria means a healthy you, unhealthy mitochondria results in a host of health issues and disease. Prepare to be mind blown by how much we as humans rely on sunlight, yet learn all the things we do to negate and block these benefits. This episode is going to change the way you think and feel on a daily basis. Matt Maruca is the founder of Ra Optics, creator of The Light Diet and one of the bright young minds in the bio-hacking space. Enjoy this episode of HealthSimple Radio!

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Matt Maruca

Matt Maruca is the Founder of Ra Optics, which develops and sells the world’s finest Blue Light Blocking Glasses, protecting our eyes and sleep cycle from the damage and disruption caused by modern artificial lighting and excessive use of screen devices.  He is the Creator of The Light Diet, the world’s first diet focusing primarily on the light that we live in, which drives our sleep cycle and the function of our mitochondria, the little engines in our cells which determine how we process food, and, ultimately, our health.  He is shifting the unscientific, false paradigm that poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is the cause of our our modern disease epidemic, showing that the proven culprit is poor sleep and metabolic damage caused by our modern, indoor, sunlight-deficient lifestyle, with late night eating, and constant screen use.  The Light Diet leads to higher energy levels, elevated mood, higher dopamine levels, improved thinking and cognitive function, and significantly improved sleep. Maruca is 19 years old, and learned about this information after years of dieting failed to cure is his chronic illnesses, and found that the same is true of most people struggling with diet, health, weight gain, sleep, or energy levels in the modern world.

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