Sushi sushi sushi bowl! Here is a healthy alternative to that Friday night take out sushi. This recipe is without all that white rice that’s going to make you feel bloated and lethargic after you eat. This healthy sushi bowl is packed full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and complete proteins. It also has every colour of the rainbow and will satisfy even the most hardcore sushi enthusiast (even my wife Ashley).

Serving Size: 2-4             Prep Time:  30 min              Cook Time: 30 min 

Cooking With Brashley – Episode 12

In this episode you’ll learn why quinoa can be a great substitute for meat, the benefits of carrots and why adding seaweed to your diet is a good idea.

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  • 2 cups of quinoa
  • 1-2 Avocado
  • 6 radish
  • 1 cup of shredded red cabbage
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 pack of seaweed chips
  • 2 cans of tuna (wild caught)
  • 1/2 cup of avocado mayo
  • 3 tablespoons of sriracha sauce

*optional sesame seeds for top



  1. Rinse quinoa in a strainer
  2. Add quinoa to a pot with 4 cups of water (ration 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water) and bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer and cover until cooked


  1. Slice radish into thin circles
  2. Dice cucumber
  3. Shred red cabbage finely
  4. Slice carrots into thin circles
  5. Cut each Avocado into 8 equal slices
  6. For sriracha Mayo combine 1/2 cup of mayo with 3 tablespoons sriracha
  7. Open can of tuna and drain
  8. Add in half of your sriracha mayo and mix (save half for dressing on top)

The Big Finish

  • Once Quinoa has been cooked, place a heaping scoop in middle of plate or bowl, now take equal parts radish, cucumber, carrots, avocado, cabbage and seaweed and place in a circle around quinoa (for presentation only), now scoop some mixed sriracha tuna on top of you quinoa and drizzle some of your sriracha mayo all over. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top if you feel so daring and serve to yourself first then guests.

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