Sugar is one of the most addicting substances on earth. If you suffer from sugar or carb cravings, you are not alone! It’s important to understand that these cravings are a result of an addiction, just like any other addiction. This is a serious matter for your health and something you need to overcome if you want to lose weight. If you don’t overcoming sugar cravings, it will be very difficult to lose weight and keep it off long-term. I hope this episode helps!

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Kyle Reidhead: Kyle Reidhead helps everyday people achieve long lasting weight loss. He’s an online health & weight loss coach who specializes in the ketogenic diet and developing healthy lifestyle habits. Kyle takes a holistic and health first approach to weight loss, enabling his clients to not just lose weight, but thrive like a healthy human should. Kyle is determined to make an impact on the world-wide obesity epidemic and does so by spreading evidence-based health information across his social media platforms. He is also the host of Health Simple Radio, a podcast which interviews health & wellness experts from around the world.