Stop worry spiraling, feel frickin’ awesome

Let’s be honest – we all deal with stress and anxiety on some level, it’s a reality in 2019. Whether it decides to pass through or settle itself into your mental home long-term, why not grab some tools to send the anxiety on it’s way much quicker and while doing less damage? In this talk, we will dive into fully understanding the short and long term effects of allowing stress to enter into your world. More importantly, Taryn will break down her best tips for combating and working with these symptoms, including quick tricks and bigger lifestyle changes.

What You Will Learn:

– What causes stress and anxiety

– What happens physically and mentally when experiencing minor or major symptoms

– How to alleviate these feelings quickly, such as breathing techniques
– Solutions for long-term relief and control

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Taryn Raine

Taryn Raine is a wellness and mindset coach who founded the Remote Yogi. The Remote Yogi is an online wellness platform with courses, membership, and one-on-one coaching to bring yoga and growth mindset to women all over the world.
When she is not in the work zone, you can find her in the gym, seeking out the best coffee or wine in town, or having her own dance party. Taryn has been battling serious anxiety and depression since she was eleven years old. She has seen plenty of counselors, been medicated, and have stumbled her way through figuring all this stuff out. Her last few years have been dedicated to learning how to naturally work with these symptoms to her betterment, completely self taught.

She left her life of chasing perfectionism behind, sold all her belongings, left an unfulfilling marriage, and began to travel the world full-time. She now lives to help people feel worthy of all their desires and works one-on-one with people looking for true transformation.