Are you struggling to sleep or looking to optimize your quality of sleep? Either way, this episode is for you. Kelly Benson, a Sleep Performance Coach, created the Sleep Performance Method. A checklist of the do’s and don’ts for a holistic approach to improving sleep quantity and quality. Her method includes diet, pre-sleep routines, exercise, breathing techniques and so much more. This episode is full of practical and simple ways to help you improve your sleep.

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Kelly Benson

Kelly is a Performance Sleep Coach who works with athletes, entrepreneurs, and people looking to optimize their rest for ultimate energy and recovery. With a background in holistic health and wellness, she blends ancient principles with modern sleep science to help her clients overcome insomnia, daytime fatigue, and disturbed sleep. Through her Performance Sleep Method, she integrates seven key areas of health, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle, such as breathwork, our relationship with technology, gut health, and stress management. Her goal is not only to improve the sleep of her clients but help them achieve well-rested success and live the life of their dreams.