If you’re constantly bothered by pain and injuries, wondering how to set up an exercise program or training for an upcoming event, this podcast is for you. Movement specialist and Chiropractor, Dr. Jacob Harden shares his framework for developing a proper prehab and rehab program to keep your joints, muscles and body feeling great. We discuss everything from stretching, activating muscles, functional movement to even posture and self-care. Your mindset and how you treat your body outside of the gym play a signifiant role in preventing injury too! This podcast covers all this and more, check it out and make sure to take a screen shot and share this on your IG story. Don’t forget to tag @healthsimple_ and @dr.jacob.harden so we know you watched!

Instagram: instagram.com/dr.jacob.harden/
Website and courses: prehab101.regfox.com/overview

Dr. Jacob Harden

Dr. Jacob Harden is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine based out of Orlando, Florida. In his private practice, he focuses on movement and injury rehabilitation, where he blends both rehab and strength and conditioning. He has gained notoriety as being an expert in the field of movement and rehab through his online teachings where he has over 450 thousand followers. In 2017, Dr. Harden founded Prehab 101, a company dedicated to spreading positive information on the topics of injury prevention, self care, and coming back from injury. He now travels the world teaching his methods to other health and fitness professionals as well as members of the public. He will teach in 7 countries across his 18 seminar locations in 2018, working to spread his message that you are not broken and all you need to do is put in the work.