#61 | The Language Of Pain | Dealing With Chronic Pain | Dr. Trevor Campbell

Chronic pain can be a difficult thing to deal with. We often think it’s something we’re stuck with for the rest of our lives. Rather than relying on pain killers or just dealing with the pain, Dr. Trevor Campbell discuss a much more effective and natural approach. Chronic pain is actually more of a psychological pain that is being perceived from the brain, rather than physical in nature. This can stem from many reasons, but ultimately, it takes a multi-facetted approach to overcome. The good news is, if you do suffer from chronic pain, there is a solution! Enjoy this episode of HealthSimple Radio!

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Dr. Trevor Campbell:

Trevor Campbell is a family physician who studied medicine at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, before emigrating to Canada, where he became interested in treatments for chronic pain. He has worked in multidisciplinary pain management and opioid reduction programs, and has served as medical director for a leading pain management provider in Western Canada. When not involved with medical matters, he enjoys literature and is an avid hiker, cyclist, and traveler.

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