#30 | Morning Routines & Creating a Mindset for Success and Happiness | Vince Lucente

Mindset is everything. Knowledge is great, but if you don’t have the mindset to apply your knowledge and remain consistent, achieving greatness will be unattainable. Greatness can mean anything from athletic ability, to happiness, to simply being happy with your body or life. Vince Lucente, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach from Seneca College, discusses how to create a winning mindset to live a better life. We look at how taking a holistic approach and understanding who you are as a person is vital to achieving any goal possible. We also look into our morning routines and how this can set you up to win the day – a term Vince uses to focus on the tasks at hand and simply achieve growth in all areas of life. By focusing on the day, rather than the end goal, you will alleviate stress and worry and optimize your time and effort. This is one of the greatest episodes on Health Simple Radio, so enjoy episode 30 of The HealthSimple Show!

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Vince Lucente:

Vince Lucente is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. Vince has been in the field of S&C for 8 years across private sector, professional and collegiate team sport settings, emphasizing in applied sport science and stress management to facilitate sustainable and effective performance outcomes. Growth in all facets is the name of the game for Vince, as his priority in sport performance starts with the person first.

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