#35 – Recreational and Medical Marijuana: What Does The Science Say? | Dr. Michele Ross, Neuroscientist

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada and many states in the USA, it’s time to become educated on the actual science surrounding this plant. I brought in PhD, Neuroscientist, Dr. Michele Ross to explain the truth and the evidence around “weed”. Is it really a drug? Can it actually treat disease? Is it safe to smoke or eat? What are the benefits and what are the problems with it? All of the questions are answered in this episode on HealthSimple Radio. Michele discusses her thoughts on smoking marijuana recreationally as well as the  application of using it as medicine. We discuss the best ways to consume marijuana and how it can affect your sleep. She also provides the history of why there is so much confusion around this plant in the first place. Enjoy this very interesting episode of The HealthSimple Show.

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Dr. Michele Ross:

Dr. Michele Ross is a leading psychedelic researcher and educator as well as fibromyalgia patient. She founded the first 501c3 nonprofit on cannabis for women’s health in 2013, and is now CEO of Infused Health, an online platform for cannabis health coaching. Dr. Ross is the author of “Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency” and has a Doctorate in Neuroscience. Dr. Ross’s most recent project is an initiative decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms in Denver in May 2019 as a founding board member of the Society for Psychedelic Reform, Outreach, and Education (SPORE).

Website: www.drmicheleross.com
Courses: www.cannabisandmotherhood.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmicheleross/

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