Bio-hacking isn’t just for the experts, there are many simple and free things you can do around the house to hack yourself into optimal health. Light therapy, grounding and hot/cold therapy are a few of the hacks that Ryan Carter, the man behind the popular instagram account @livevitae, practices to improve his wellbeing. In this episode Ryan shares why he does these as well as how to hack your cooking skills for better health. Taking a holistic approach to health is the only true way to create optimal health. Not yet ready for bio-hacking? We also dive into how to create healthy lifestyle habits to build a foundation of health. Remove the stress and let your body grow and adapt so cooking, exercise and other heathy lifestyle choices become natural. Enjoy episode 28 of The HealthSimple Show!

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Ryan Carter:

Ryan Carter aka Live Vitae a 32 year old, studying nutritional therapist and personal trainer based in London, UK. He empowers and inspires people around the world via his Instagram platform to take control of their health using food as medicine, biohacking health with lifestyle practises and unlocking our potential with our mindset and finding our spirituality. He works with online clients and is currently working on his own website creating a huge resource and platform to share and help others with their journey.