The foods children eat can significantly impact how they behave and learn, what they eat later in life, as well as their long-term and short-term health. We live in a world where food is part of societal norms which makes it difficult to control what foods your children eat. That said, just like we have a duty to keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, we also have a duty to keeping kids from eating toxic foods and teaching proper nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D (aka The Paleo Mom) teaches what foods are meant for human consumption and which foods are not. We then discuss what the impact is on a child’s health, cognitive development, behaviour as well as long-term health outlook if we neglect to teach them proper nutritional habits. The rest of the episode is dedicated to practical tips to change the way children (or yourself) eat, how to deal with societal norms of unhealthy eating, as well as when it’s ok to let them eat whatever they want. In a world where chronic disease and behaviour disorders are sky rocketing in young children, this information becomes more and more important. Enjoy Episode 33 of The HealthSimple Show.

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Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD


Award-winning public speaker, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned health expert, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD (aka The Paleo Mom) believes the key to reversing the current epidemics of chronic disease is scientific literacy. She creates educational resources to help people regain their health through diet and lifestyle choices informed by the most current evidenced-based scientific research.