Why are so many people seeing incurable diseases like autoimmune, cancer and more being reversed from eating only meat? Isn’t meat the enemy? Not so fast, let’s think about what fed us for millions of years before we learned how to farm. Phil Escott, who cured his own autoimmune disease with The Carnivore Diet, explains how animal meat and fish have always been a large part of our diet, so he asks why are all trying to lower the amount we eat now? Phil explains how all plants have defensive mechanisms that may be causing inflammation in humans. He also discusses who daily recommendations for micronutrients and blood markers have been skewed to the carb and processed eating population. It’s different for those with low inflammation who eat carnivore. Interesting conversation to say the least!

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Phil Escott

Phil Escott has been writing for as long as he can remember. Unlike drumming, his other passion, which has always taken perseverance, writing was always effortless. Phil has written for many printed and online publications on such diverse subjects as travel, diet, health, weight training, mountain biking, motorcycling, carp fishing and spirituality/nonduality, and he has used his pedantic tendencies to proofread a national magazine every month and many books for other authors. He has also written a book recently on how he reversed crippling arthritis and used the experience to find himself and much more. He is working on two more books to be released soon.
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