We breathe every moment of every day, but are we doing it right? Unfortunately, many of us are not and it could be impacting our health. Learning to breathe properly could be the most simple and definitely the cheapest life hack available. Manipulating your breath can help manage anxiety and stress, improve cardiovascular health and provide various cognitive benefits. Breathing with intent can also help in other areas like achieving weight loss, improving energy levels and enhancing your immune system, not to mention significantly improving your training performance. In this episode, Canadian Olympian – Martin Reader, teaches different ways to breathe according to certain situations in your day or life and how to maximize your potential through something you already do every second you’re alive. This is a very interesting discussion with lots of practical tips to get started and feel the benefits immediately. Enjoy episode 34 of The HealthSimple Show.

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Martin Reader:

Martin Reader is an outspoken advocate for sport and living a healthy & active lifestyle. He is a three time Canadian Champion, Two time Continental Champion and a 2012 London Olympian. In 2013 he retired from the Canadian Olympic team to begin sharing his passion for nutrition and human performance in the public space. With well over 10,000 training hours Martin has co-founded the award winning “Strive Life Athletics” studio & method, won 2015 Canadian Notable Trainer of the year and was named a 2017 Nike Canada Trainer. In 2018 Martin returned to sport to mentor and lead young athletes in mind, body and life through OFFBALL Athlete. Martin is an active leader for youth health culture with ambitious goals to increase activity in younger populations on a national level. It is his long-term goal to inspire citizens to get active, experience life, ask bigger questions, dream boldly and seek purpose beyond themselves.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/martinjreader/
Website: offballathlete.com/

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