What is the difference between “fitness” and “health”? Fitness aka bodybuilding or focusing on the aesthetic point of view vs health which is focusing on how you feel on the inside. Both can allow you to reach a weight loss goal, however there can be many challenges long-term when you focus on the outside rather than inside first. In this episode, Health Coach and former bodybuilder, Cory Rodriguez explains the impact that restrictive dieting and bodybuilding can have on your body. Everything from gut issues, hormonal issues to psychological issues as well. We’ll chat about why this is and what you can do to recover properly. Enjoy this episode of HealthSimple Radio!

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Cory Rodriguez

Cory is a health and fitness coach who works with all different types of clients regarding their health and weight. Cory has a background in holistic health, fitness and functional medicine. Cory’s general principle is getting people to not only look great on the outside, but feel just as good on the inside. He also is the co-owner of the natural supplement company, One Healthy Nation.

Website: Onehealthynation.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/corylrodriguez/


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