Corporate burnout, anxiety, stress and depression are all too common these days. Some resort to meditation or therapy and some take plant medicines from deep within the South American Jungles. Ayahuasca is a hallucinogen that has been used as medicine for centuries and allows you to dig deep within your soul and history and work to health from within. Christopher Chiu shares his story of how Ayahuasca, meditation and travelling helped him overcome his burnout from a busy Wall Street job in NYC. You can have all the money you need but that doesn’t mean you will be happy. This is exactly what Chris learned on his journey and he teaches how he found true happiness and managed to overcome his anxiety and stress issues that the corporate world imposed on him. Enjoy this episode of Health Simple Radio!

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Christopher Chiu

Christopher Chiu is a transformational coach helping men to find freedom, purpose & brotherhood. He leads men’s only Ayahuasca retreats (The Hero’s Journey Experience) in South America with 2-months of preparation & integration coaching included. These are modern day rites of passage & initiations allowing men to fully step into a grounded masculine presence & power – while at the same time creating strong bonds. Christopher left behind an 8-year Wall St. career after suffering a collapsed lung and moved to Thailand to pursue Muay Thai & meditation. This started his journey of healing & seeking.  Eventually it brought him to the world of plant medicines & personal development. He currently has home-bases in Bali & Thailand, while leading retreats & men’s circles there as well. Please reach out to him if you’d like to work with him.

Men’s Ayahuasca Retreats