Affirmations, manifestations, or just putting what you want out into the world can be very powerful. We become what we think, so purposefully manifesting who we want to be and what we want in life can be a valuable tool to achieve success and happiness. In this episode, Payal Aggarawal, The Affirmation Addict, shares her story on how practicing affirmations from a young age has shaped her life. She also explains some best practices and tips to incorporate affirmations into your life to achieve success, manage mental health issues and so much more. Enjoy episode 50 on HealthSimple Radio!
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Payal Aggarwal

Payal has been affirming and manifesting since she was 12 years old + quit her job earlier this year as a management consultant to spread her passion for affirmations – now, she’s known as Affirmation Addict. Her focus lies in law of attraction, modern spirituality and holistic living. She is creating an app to use affirmations throughout your daily life, while also keeping track of your own journey. She focuses on affirmations in all aspects of life, whether it’s self-confidence, manifesting a soulmate, getting your dream job or something else. She has done it all, and now it’s her mission to spread this awareness so you can too

Insta: @affirmationaddict