HealthSimple is a digital wellness channel that teaches real and simple ways to live healthy, happy, and stress-free. Here are a few ways we can help:


A podcast channel that interviews health experts from around the world on all things health and wellness. 


Cooking with Brashley: teaching how to make healthy recipes as well as how to store, prepare and cook foods to optimize health!


Work with a Health Coach. Kyle will give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals for life!

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The HealthSimple Team:

Brad Barth
Brad Barth Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Cook & Firefighter
I became a Firefighter at age 22 because I loved helping people and the thing that has made this journey so great is that I’m still helping people – helping them improve their quality of life. I’ve always considered myself healthy but I focused more on my fitness rather than my wellness until I began my holistic nutrition course and became involved with HealthSimple.

I’d like to change the world’s views around eating and use food as a medicine to heal people. Holistic Nutrition is another way for me to rescue people from their lives.

Ashley Barth
Ashley Barth Blogger, Healthy Cook & Travel Enthusiast
I began this journey because I never considered myself to be one of those “Healthy” people — but secretly, I wanted to be. Since I started Keto, I like to think I became my best self. I love to work out, love to cook healthy AND delicious meals, and I love to write about it so that others can share in the knowledge that I’ve accumulated.

I also love travelling, which has been an eye-opener while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s a road trip or an 8-hour flight away type of trip, I hope to have some healthy travel tips for you too!

Tyler Galbraith
Tyler GalbraithPhotographer, Videographer & The Creative Guy
My fans call me Tgal, my mom calls me Tyler. I like to think i’m fit, athletic and super healthy, but my real purpose at HS is to bring you the most appealing and coolest content out there. I’m the creative guy here, so you’ll see less of me than the others, but rest assured I’ll make sure what you see doesn’t suck!

In all seriousness though, I’ve been working on my health ever since my All-Star basketball days in high school. It’s been an eye-opening and valuable experience to say the least, and this process is what keeps me motivated to be better every single day! Who doesn’t love the chase?

Kyle Reidhead
Kyle ReidheadFounder, Podcaster & Health Coach
I combine my formal education (BASc. Kin & Dip. Health & Fitness) with years of practical experience in health coaching clients as well as my personal health optimization journey to bridge the gap between evidence-based health research and the understanding of the general population. I founded HealthSimple and begun hosting HealthSimple Radio Podcast to utilize these platforms in order to empower others to live healthy, happy and stress-free.

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